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 Yohanna Idha was born and raised on the beautiful horsestudded landscape in Sweden and has been amongst animals and nature since birth. Her closeness to the environment is reflected in the work she takes on and her 16 yr horseback riding background.

After graduating from aada in 2004, Yohanna Idha did her OPT in nyc and worked as an extra on big studiofilms and landed roles in independent - and studentfilms. She was also modeling for runways and printwork around the city. When the Swedish filmoffers started coming Yohanna moved back to Stockholm and shot her first lead role in a feature (Molly in the World) as well as several pricewinning shorts. She has since appeared in national tv-shows such as Beck, Wallander and julkalendern. TV, Film, Theatre and printwork.

Horseback riding - crosscountry | dressage | jumping
Inlines scating |
Dancing |jazz |wienervalse
Driving License |
Skiing |
Languages | fluent English | accents on request | basic German | Norwegian | native Swedish

Great emotional presense and a wide technical range. Trained in meissner techniques. Has a versalite look and a wide age range. Her genuine curiosity in the human soul makes her interested, focused and gives her a keen ear to the complex fassetts which  collaborate within us