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Svart taxi is a pricewinning short by Omanovic Production. It is a very dark comedy about the characters a taxidriver meets during the one night. Yohanna Idha plays one of the drunk girls in the beginning.

Dead on Arrival (Död vid Ankomst) is a feature film by Branbomm. It's an actionmovie with every component you would want. Blood, action and love. Yohanna Idha plays a supporting part. The film will be available on DVD in 2010.

Molly in the World (Molly i världen) is a dramacomedy about a young girl who has a hard time figuring out what the meaning to life is. It is a perfectly executed little film with beautiful grading and photography. Yohanna Idha plays the lead Molly.

Gangster is an actiondrama with Mikael Persbrandt and Kjell Bergquist. It's an epic film set in the underground of stockholm. Yohanna Idha plays against Kajsa Ernst in a small part.

Beck is a Swedish filmseries about the polisofficer Beck and his coworkers. The film is number 21 in order and is produced by filmlance. Yohanna Idha plays the lead witness in the film.

BBC has produced a very fine remake of the Swedish tv-series Wallander. Kenneth Branagh plays the lead in a story that revolvs around a massmurderer seeking revenge on high powered men in society. Yohanna Idha plays an art dealer called Madeleine Redhin.

Black Coffee, please is a pricewinning short about the prejudice in our society. It has been well received and aired all over Europe. Yohanna plays the young barrista.