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I am thrilled to reveal that I will be your favourite bitch to hate this fall. I am playing the former supermodel Julia Kult in the adaptation of Sofie Fahrman's books "Elsa's World" about the blogger Elsa. It was a pleasure to let all inhibitions go and less the raving bitch out as Elsa's boss. See it on TV3 Play. 


RISE opened the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2013 and won award of Merit.

Rise is a music video by Mattias Titus Paar which will be screened at numerous festivals across the world this fall. My lovely husband and I act opposite eachother in this well-made story about how we react upon the knowledge that the world is coming to an end.  

GULDBAGGE GALAN 2013 best supporting actress

It was a surreal feeling to be nominated amongst great actors for the part as Linda in Certain People/Katinkas Kalas. I am very greatful to the Swedish Filmindustry for receiving my performance in such an appreciative way. I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to leap into new fantastic projects and characters in the future. 




The beautiful and ackomplished actress Churni Ganguly is debuting as film director with the project "Nirbashito" and I have been cast as the real life character Mary Ann Weaver. The film will shoot in both Sweden and India during 2013/14 and I couldn't be more exited to do my debute into international waters. 


The heartbreaking story based on real life stories is finally coming together. I am playing the lead character in Brozzi Lunettas beautiful, film noir inspired piece and the film is currently in post-production. 


A beautiful shortfilm by Michael Tomesco which was actually produced by my production company Nebula Production. A film about the fate of four people who meet during a crucial moment on a bridge. The film is in post-production and will be released during 2014. The film stars talented Ralf Beck, my beautiful husband Andreas Vaehi, myself and introduces Emily Arleij.



Come on Like Gangbusters are releasing their new music video in which I star as the female lead. It's a very seductive video for the great song "Cervantes Hotel". Shot and edited by Alex Bolevin and directed by Hannah Hedin. The video will be out shortly.




Huddinge Kommun booked me to perform the monologue "How we make things better" for 3 schools. 430 students evaluated the performance and gave her great reviews. 93% thought it was good (25%) or very good (69%). Here were a few of the comments:

What do you think of theatrical monologue "How do we make things better?" see clip HERE

· It was very interesting information |  Great. She was insanely good! Best part of the day, she did great, looks great too. |  She gave a wake up call. |  I think it was good because it was real. |  She got the message across |  Scary good. |  It was scary |  Very good |  Wacky as hell |  I think it was the best theatrical monologue ever. Fun, brought many thoughts. |  I thought that the theater was very good. Sometimes you have to show it with body language. |  It was an eye-opener. About what might affect me as a person. |  Interestingly, a lot of information, began to think alot. |  It was great! Many thoughts afterwards. |  It makes you want to start a campaign against such cruelty. Strong voice |  Fun and interesting approach. Awesome actress! Good actress and good script. |  Good, true, the content is good. |  Very sensitive. | Important. Well written and performed. |  Fine story and actor. |  She was beautiful and it was certainly nice. |  It gave me an insight of what it is. |  Superb! | · A little too loud at times, but it stuck. |  Yohanna "lived" in character, very good. Best of all day. |  Yohanna was good, we got the message. | Fine bracelets. |  Performed the message incredibly well, was a real eye opener. |  Horribly good. Very interesting and useful. Only positive feedback, she reached me. |  she was scary. |  Made you think a lot. |  Very good actor. |  She is fierce! Very good actress, you almost feel guilty! |  Feeling full and good. |  I was moved by it.


 DEATH OF AN OBJECT | written and performed by Yohanna Idha


In April 2012 Andreas Vaehi & I performed the play "The Death of an Object". A play written by Yohanna Idha and directed by Jonas Engman. The play will be performed in Stockholm during late February and the beginning of March. It's a strong play about female ideals and the objectification of women.