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Yohanna Idha is a swedish actress. She is located in Stockholm, Sweden but will travel for work. Yohanna Idha is educated in New York City at the prestigious acting school, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA). She earned an associate degree in acting in 2004.


In 2012 Yohanna Idha got her break through as the vivacious character, Linda, in CERTAIN PEOPLE (KATINKAS KALAS). The part earned her a Lóreal Paris Rising Star Award at the Stockholm International Film Festival in November 2011 where the film premiered. Yohanna Idha was congratulated by Isabelle Hubert when she won the Best Actress award at the filmfestival. In January, 2012, CERTAIN PEOPLE went up in Swedish cinemas and Yohanna Idha received several beautiful reviews of her interpretation. The film was also selected to the Tribeca Filmfestival and Steven Dollar ranked her performance the second best after Val Kilmer.


Yohanna Idha has worked on countless productions in Sweden and the US but most of the work has been featured on film festivals across the world. Throughout the years, Yohanna Idha has worked on over 100 short films and many have been seen at film festivals and won awards. Some of the wonderful short films (THE SCOOP, RISE, SVART KAFFE TACK, AMAYGDALA, ANITA, MOLLY IN THE WORLD) can be found on the internet (LINKS).


Yohanna Idha has done several productions in english and speaks the language fluently. (She will also do accents on request). In New York she worked on the independent production SEX AND SUSHI and landed a two day part in the film. Unfortunately the scene got edited away to fit the festival format. Yohanna Idha also shot the feature film ANGRY (2013) with Hollywood legend and lifetime achievement award winner, Bo Svenson which can be found on amazon.com and in 2014 the feature film, REYA, was released on YouTube. The film was written and directed by Brozzi Lunetta and was an attempt to find his long lost daughter, Reya. Thanks to the film and the marketing of the story, Brozzi found his daughter in Australia. In 2015 the award winning Bollywood film BANISHED (NIRBASHITO) by Churni Ganguly was released. Yohanna Idha can be seen as the reporter Mary-Anne Weaver.


Yohanna Idha has also appeared on several of Swedens most popular tv-series such as the criminal drama series, BECK (THE JAPANEASE SHUNGAPAINTING), HUMANS (ÄKTA MÄNNISKOR), ELSA'S WORLD (ELSAS VÄRLD) and the immensely popular comedy BOY MACHINE. She can also be seen in small parts in the BBC series WALLANDER (SIDETRACKED), The McDonalds featurefilm DREAMING IN MONO by Jens Jonsson and the feature film BEHIND BLUE SKIES (HIMLEN ÄR OSKYLDIGT BLÅ) by Hannes Holm.

Yohanna Idha is currently in preproduction with 3 featurefilms & a SVT Drama Childrens program. She is working with Dolph Lundgren on the productions "Nordic Light" & "Without You I'm Nothing" & will star as The Black Witch Queen in the award winning feature "Legend of Dark Rider". The feature film "Ave Mater" (swe titel "Vilsen") was released during the fall 2016 & can be seen on SF anytime, iTunes, Amazon.com & you can pick up your own copy on Skepnad.se. Yohanna Idha is seen as the character Siri.