Swedish Academy Award nominated actress with an associate degree from American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 


I was born on the countryside of Sweden amongst horses and fields. I have been acting since I was a child, immitating people and portraying the world. 


In 2001 I was accepted at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and went to New York City to pursue my dream. I loved it and grew both as an actress and a woman. In 2004 I graduated from AADA with an associate degree in Meissner Techniques. 

In November 2011 I won the best actress award at the Stockholm International Filmfestival for the part as the blonde bimbo in the feature film Certain People (Katinkas Kalas) directed by Levan Akin. The film premiered in Swedish Cinemas in January 2012 and won me a Swedish Academy Award nomination in January 2013 (Guldbaggenominering). The part was also praised at the Tribeca Filmfestival in 2012. I am very honoured to have had the privileged to portrait the character Linda and the fantastic response from viewers and critis has been more than overwhelming. 


"Yohanna Idha står ut som den trasiga och trashiga Linda"

("Yohanna Idha stand out as the broken and trashy Linda"). Mats Bråstedt, Expressen





The film "Nirbashito" (Exiled) premieres in India this summer. It is my very first Bollywood film and I was thrilled to act opposite the stunning and powerful indian filmstar Churni Ganguly who also directed the film. 

During this spring I finished shooting the independent production "The Loss" (Vilsen) directed by Rasmus Tirzitis (known for the Star Wars Fan-film "Threads of Destiny" in which I am starring in a very small part as well). I am playing Siri and the film will premiere in 2015. 

This spring fans have been able to follow their little star Elsa (from the books by Sofie Fahrman) in the second season of the popular webseries "Elsa's World" (Elsa's Värld) on TV3 Play. I had the honor of being cast as the ex-supermodel Julia Kult. It was a fantastic opportunity to play an überbitch in a beautiful comedy series. The series premiered on October 30th on TV3 play and was produced by Tre Vänner and Mikael Cross. 

The feature "Angry" has been released on iTunes, Amazon.com and can now be downladed. I am acting opposite Lifetime achievement and award-winning actor Bo Svenson in the film. 

The Beautiful Film "Certain People" aired on SVT this spring. Download the film for which I won Best Actress on amazon.com 

ACCEPTANCE SPEACH Sthlm Filmfestival 2011 winning Best Actress:


For a touching and compelling portrayal of a rampant and somewhat naive woman who, during the course of one night, becomes the mockery by a party of hipsters with unfulfilled ambitions and broken dreams. This actress manages to deliver even the most awkward banalities with a perfect baance between sincerity and comical timing, never letting her character become a victim. 

BEST ACTRESS: Yohanna Idha from "Certain People" for the role as Linda






I have never aimed for fame. I want to work as an actress. When people ask when I choose to become an actress I often say that nature made that choice. I only realized that I was an actress when I tried to do something else than acting. A part of me die if I don't get to act. 

I got my first lead role in a film in 2003. Henrik Pilerud made the feature "Molly in the World" (Molly i Världen) which premiered in 2005. Since then I have acted in numerous independent features and even more short films. I have also acted on stage throughout the years.

Fortunately it seemed as though I am somewhat of a cameleon and I am rarely recognized. At times I have taken offence when people have come up to me at the gala-premiere and asked me what I did in the production even when I've had the lead part. I used to get hurt and offended but I have come to realize that it's a wonderful gift. That girl on the screen isn't me. It's a character who I have emboded. If I have done my work properly people view her as quite separate from myself and enjoy the story of the film. It also allows me to play very different characters. 

Despite the fact that I have played everything from drug-addicts to business women people do tend to want to type-cast me. I wish they would just give me the opportunity to try for any character because I don't think I am any type at all in reality. I morph into the woman I portrait.