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Every character demands a different persona & to find the version of oneself that best portrait the character envisioned you need to dive down deep into your soul & follow uncharted paths of your inner life. When you find that inner truth you build a character based on that speck of reality. Cover her with memories from your past & impressions from your surroundings. The end-result is someone you never knew existed within you but who feels very real to someone else. When you succeed each character is unique & a merge of the script-writers fantasy, the directors vision & the actress emotions & experiences. She is a creature of that specific production & only the ghost of her will forever haunt the actors soul. 

Still, each character has a stamp. The unique stamp of my personality and should your wish to get an idea of what I as an actress can offer your production then feel free to look through my earlier work & scenes.


 As Linda Milton in the feature film Certain People/Katinkas Kalas. The film earned me a best actress award, a Swedish Academy Award nomination, A LÓreal Paris Rising Star award nomination & was selected to the Tribeca Filmfestival. 


(edited by Alexandra Alegren)


Yohanna Idha - Showreel 2017 from yohanna idha on Vimeo.


from the shortfilm Dead End 

Sisters from yohanna idha on Vimeo.


from Certain People


Linda from yohanna idha on Vimeo.


from the feature film Reya as Maren


from the comic webseries Elsas Värld as Julia Kult


from the comic series Pseudoteve as Maud


from Madness (uncut scene)


From Madness from yohanna idha on Vimeo.