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Every character, project and situation is different hence a showreel or a scene can never portrait the character or the essence you are searching for. If you are interested in using Yohanna Idha for your project. Do ask for a selftape or a meeting. 



Yohanna idha actress photographer Swedish actor photo by Hannah Hedin


Every character demands a different persona & to find the version of oneself that best portrait the character envisioned you need to dive down deep into your soul & follow uncharted paths of your inner life. When you find that inner truth you build a character based on that speck of reality. Cover her with memories from your past & impressions from your surroundings. The end-result is someone you never knew existed within you but who feels very real to someone else. When you succeed each character is unique & a merge of the script-writers fantasy, the directors vision & the actress emotions & experiences. She is a creature of that specific production & only the ghost of her will forever haunt the actors soul. 

Still, each character has a stamp. The unique stamp of my personality and should your wish to get an idea of what I as an actress can offer your production then feel free to look through my earlier work & scenes.





The feature film The Huntress Rune of the Dead will premiere in The US in September to then be released in Europe & skandinavia in October. It is a hollywood distributed film directed by Rasmus Tirzitis whom Yohanna Idha also worked with on the multiple award winning feature film AVE MATER. Yohanna Idha has one of the leading parts in the film as the viking mother Magnhild. It's a story about a family trying to survive in the wilderness. 

Yohanna Idha as Magnhild in the feature film The Huntress Rune of the Dead. The film premieres September 2019 in the US and has Scandinavian premiere October 2019

Yohanna Idha in one of the lead parts in the feature film The huntress Rune of the Dead. Produced by its films and directed by Rasmus Tirzitis. Premieres in September in the US.

 Yohanna Idha acting opposite the child star Viva Östervall in the feature film The Huntress Rune of the Dead. The story depicts the journey of three women and the grandfather trying to survive in the woods. It's a horror drama with science fiction elements which is released in The Us in September.

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BLINDED | FARTBLINDA dir. Jens Jonsson

On August 19th the tv-series premieres on C more & on TV4 in September. Yohanna Idha is a recurring character in the series portraying the life of poker dealer Amanda Karlsson. The series is based on Caroline Neuraths successful book Fartblinda. 

fartblinda/blinded the tv-series based on Caroline Neuraths book with the same title. Yohanna Idha portraits the poker dealer Amanda Karlsson opposite the tremendously talented Oscar Thunberg





In Call of the Unseen Yohanna Idha works with director and creator Henrik Pilerud again. He is creating a magical fantasy where unseen creatures have the lead roles. 


“I have worked with Yohanna since 2003. She is an actress who is very dedicated to the roles she plays, and is very hard working. Her wide range of emotions are one of her biggest assets. From funny and cute, to a tormented mental patient or a mythological creature, she can nail it.” Henrik Pilerud, director

Call of the Unseen is a feature film by Henrik Pilerud which is currently in production. It is a film about the unseen characters in the world.

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based on a true strory this gripping film is directed by Emanuel Kingsley. In the film Yohanna Idha acts as the Customs boarder controll. 

still from the shoot of the feature film The Department of applied chemistry where Yohanna Idha acts as the customs boarder controll. the film is currently in postproduction






Guldbaggenominering & vinnare Bästa Skådespelerska

Certain People | Katinkas kalas was directed by Levan Akin starring Yohanna Idha as Linda. Yohanna Idha was awarded best actress for her portrayal and earned a Swedish academy award nomination.


Certain People was directed by Levan Akin & earned Yohanna Idha a Swedish Academy Award nomination as well as the Best Actress award at the Stockholm International Filmfestival. Yohanna Idha portraits the talk show hostess Linda who crashes a hipster birthday party & the characterization was highly praised by the industry & press. 

"Yohanna Idha inspired me" Levan Akin, director.


Yohanna Idha in the film Certain People as Linda. Yohanna Idha won best actress award at the Stockholm international filmfestival and was nominated for a Swedish academy award for the portrayal of the vivacious character.

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Ave Mater premiered in 2016 & has received 37 prices across the world. Yohanna Idha stars in the film as the character Siri. A woman who poses as the teacher of the main characters son but in reality she is the cult leader of a group who wishes to bring back the mother. A demon who needs human sacrifices to emerge from the other side. Yohanna Idha was praised for the performance and mentioned in countless reviews. 


Yohanna Idha as the cult leader in the multiple award winner Ave Mater. Yohanna Idha has received high praises for the part and the film can be watched on sf anytime, iTunes and more.

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Elsa's World is a webseries for TV3 in which Yohanna Idha portrayed the ex supermodel Julia Kult who runs the media network

M O D E. The character is a tough business woman who demands the best result from everyone.